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Karson Marrie by Wolves1207 Karson Marrie by Wolves1207
10-5-2014-- New art!

Karson Marrie

17 – Seventeen


5’11” – 180cm

169lb – 76kg

Birthdate & Star Sign:
November 9th – 11/9

Kyuujuuminku (旧住民区)

Kangaku High (3rd year)
Currently without a job

    Tag Tattoo Location:
Left Wrist, underside of his arm

Chess – African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) – Male
    Personality- Chess is a know it all but also the more level headed one of the two. He knows when to stop Karson from making a fool of himself or even stop him from hurting himself. He tends to tease, and make fun of Karson whenever he can--Especially in front of people, even if it's in Italian he tends to embarrass his companion in any way he can.
    On Chess's scarf/collar is a Knight chess piece on either side.

Upbeat | Adventurous | Oblivious | Friendly | Pushy | Follower | Stubborn | Class Clown
When Karson first meets a person he will either act stand-offish or very outgoing, he usually judges a book by its cover or the way someone introduces themselves. He’s very loud and never knows when to turn down the volume, he’ll usually sound as if he’s yelling when to him he thinks it’s a completely normal tone of voice.  He likes the company of people and would rather follow someone around like a duckling rather than be alone or be the one leading. – Although, occasionally the rolls with change and he’ll try to take the roll of the leader; this usually happens if he doesn’t particularly like the current ‘leader’ or if his stubbornness gets to him, at times like this he likes to be in charge.
He’s bad at figuring out when people would like to be left alone or when he should stop pushing them. He’s very open with people and doesn’t get the fact that not everyone is open like he is. Karson does his best to make sure he doesn’t get ignored or pushed off to the side if he’s with a group of people, he doesn’t like being seen as an underdog.
Karson occasionally acts like the usual ‘snobby rich kid’ when it comes to shopping or money in general, and he’s not afraid to flaunt his money around. He’s not always used to doing everything by himself and will request help with some of the simplest things.
He has a bad temper but he doesn’t like showing it, he’s afraid of pushing people away or being left alone. When and if he’s having a bad day he makes his… “friendly” personality amplify even more than usual, which seems to scare people away more than his bad moods. He doesn’t like to show weakness to people, especially when he looks up to them or if he doesn’t particularly like them.

Karson moved to Midorijima when he was 3 years old after living in Italy with his mother and grandfather. His father having left his mom well before Karson was born and his grandfather had decided to take over and help his daughter raise the young boy. The boy’s life was about as normal as any other child’s, the only thing that differed his from anyone else’s was that he had a fairly large amount of money thanks to his grandmother who had passed away when Karson was 2. In the beginning they lived off of the money she had left to her daughter, who was a single mother, to help her take care of her two year old baby boy. It was well around $250,000, Karson’s grandmother had earned throughout her life and throughout the time she was a surgeon.  They used much of the money when they moved to Midorijima for moving expenses and a house, after moving Karson’s mother got a job as a secretary for a short period of time before becoming a lawyer. When Karson was 6 she had become a very talented lawyer and was able to make money for them all to live off of, moving them to the mansion they live in currently. Because of her job Karson’s mother had started to become known in a few smaller countries near Japan to a few clients and became a very busy person, taking her overseas often, since then she’s only home for 5 days throughout a month on average.
Throughout his life he went to private schools, ever since kindergarten. During his preschool years he had a private tutor to help him learn both English and Japanese, for he had only known Italian until then. When he first went to school he was always the first to introduce himself and very outgoing, although his Japanese was still a bit off it didn’t stop him. He was the class clown through and through, usually because of his broken Japanese and he was just downright… entertaining, so to speak? As he grew older his Japanese got better and better, only a few broken words here and there. It was in junior high when he discovered Rhyme and when he first got Chess. He had heard older kids talk about it and wanted to see what all the fuss was about; his mother on the other hand wasn’t too keen on the idea of her son having an Allmate and participating in Rhyme. Later into his first year of Junior High Karson’s grandfather passed away rather unexpectedly, leaving both his mother and him in a state of depression. Karson’s depression lasted much longer than his mother’s, and after some convincing from their staff and servants at home she surprised her son with Chess and gave him the permission to play Rhyme if he wished.
Karson played Rhyme during all of his free time and during the hours of his lessons when his tutors turned their backs, of course since it was Rhyme it wasn’t exactly easy to get away with. His tutors would only 'turn their backs' if he did extra work for them; some of the tutors would have to be bribed in order for them to forget about his lessons on said days; it was easy for Karson to bribe them and he also made the promise that the tutors wouldn't get in trouble if for some reason someone found out about this. Luckily, most of his tutors wouldn't take bribes from the teenager and if he skipped to play Rhyme he'd have to do twice as much work. His depression went away slowly but surely and all he did was play Rhyme and hang around the house with Chess. During Rhyme battles he had made friends, none of them close and most would just last a few days. During summers he got more and more experienced with Rhyme, he wasn’t a pro but he surely is one of the better players, at least that’s how he feels. He had been offered to join a few teams but always turned them down, never really feeling up to being in a team. He looked at it like work and that he’d have to fight for territories and such, which for this lazy rich kid didn’t sound fun… Then again, he just needs to be convinced.

Grandfather (Deceased) – He and his grandfather were very close, just like best friends. This is where he first started wanting people around rather than being alone, especially when his grandfather passed away.
Mother - They don’t have the closest mother-son relationship but Karson still looks up to his mother and asks her advice. She is very busy and is usually on business trips across the world, so she’s hardly ever home.

:new:- Lately his mother has basically neglected Karson’s existence, hasn’t spoken to him personally for nearly a month and has cancelled her flight home twice. Karson’s starting to get irritated with his mother—even uncomfortable with her.

Chess - His allmate, hardly ever apart even if Chess is in sleep mode. Occasionally calls him Checkers rather than Chess.

Aksel Hafthorsson – Noblesse leader; Boyfriend

    ·         First impressions: Intimidating, quiet, always looked like he had something better to do, relied on his allmate to do all the talking.

    “I don’t wanna say weird because hell he could easily kick my ass. But he was interesting I guess, needs to learn… how to talk to people if anything, or at least how to hold conversation. I dunno if he’ll be able to put up with me.”

    ·         Second meeting: Really OOC drunk, holy shit he’s drunk, don’t need a lecture thanks.

    “Um let’s not talk about the second meeting haha..ha… Let’s just say shit happened.”

    ·         Third meeting: Quieter than normal, even more awkward, seemed uncomfortable, hey I got him to smile.

    “Went to a café to have a talk I didn’t really want to go but Chess made me. Really awkward, uncomfortable first 10 or so minutes but I relaxed again—went to the mall, shit happened, and now we’re together heh—“

        - Johanna; Aksel’s Allmate.

“She’s cute, and sweet. Nice, talkative—hell I like her a lot. A funny little bird to say the least. Chess seems to like her too!”

    • Musical instruments (Mainly string) – Part of his tutoring is for playing the violin and guitar.
    • Meeting new people and making new friends.
    • Walking around the town with Chess and exploring.
    • Challenging people to Rhyme battles.
    • Helping people when he can. (Such as giving people money.)

    • Being ignored in a group of people.
    • When people point out his broken Japanese and English, although it’s not as apparent as it used to be.
    • Overtime. (This goes for his tutoring or even school classes, he’d rather stick to a time schedule than have to leave later than usual.)
    • Bugs that are larger than an American quarter. (25 cent piece)

• He has a peach-blonde bit of hair dye in his hair. (Located on the left side of his bangs and hair.)
• Around his mom and staff/servants he usually speaks in Italian rather than Japanese because it is his native language.
• When his mom is on business trips (which is quite often) he’s usually left alone in the big house, with the exception of a few maids. He’ll usually spend his days out and about or stay home and hang around.
• He enjoys horror movies and western cartoons.
• He wants to join a Rhyme team but only if he likes the leader or is recognized by the rest of the team. (Recognized as in seen as a friend and greeted at any time.)
Karson's Charahub
Chess' Charahub

RP Sample:


I usually add more to likes/dislikes and extras and personality traits after a bit of RP...
hhh its dmmd inspired how could i not-- hopefully everything looks okay, after an app check and before joining ends I may fix up his history but uhh yeah..
the original sketch of him made him look like aoba i cried a little-//shot

how does one chibi-- oh and Chess should be to-scale asdfg might've screwed up there but I think it's more accurate than not??

oKAY HOPE you enjoy qvq hell I usually have more to say wow uhh all I have to say now is that this group looks really nice /excites

art & Karson (c) Yours Truly
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